How To Use Gimp 2.8 to Make the Rainy Day Image

This Gimp Video Tutorial will teach you how to use gimp 2.8 to make the rainy day wallpaper from scratch using layers, layer masks, and a few downloadable brushes.


Files to Download

Gimp Video Tutorial – Make a Rainy Day Image Using Gimp

Here is a quick rundown of the steps to make this image.

  • Create your canvas at the appropriate size
  • Create Guides to layout the image
  • Add the rain using a layer mask, motion blur, and levels
  • Place umbrella at intersection of guides
  • Place silhouette in-place
  • Remove rain from umbrella and underneath umbrella
  • Add rain that bounces off of top of umbrella
  • Rough-in streams of water on top of umbrella
  • Rough-in streams of water falling to ground
  • Add details to water streams on top of umbrella
  • Add detail to water falling to ground
  • Smudge some final details into water on top of umbrella
  • Add splashes where water hits the ground

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