How To Use Gimp 2.8 to Make the Rainy Day Image

Written by Alex on August 21, 2014


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Gimp Video Tutorial – Make a Rainy Day Image Using Gimp

Here is a quick rundown of the steps to make this image.

  • Create your canvas at the appropriate size
  • Create Guides to layout the image
  • Add the rain using a layer mask, motion blur, and levels
  • Place umbrella at intersection of guides
  • Place silhouette in-place
  • Remove rain from umbrella and underneath umbrella
  • Add rain that bounces off of top of umbrella
  • Rough-in streams of water on top of umbrella
  • Rough-in streams of water falling to ground
  • Add details to water streams on top of umbrella
  • Add detail to water falling to ground
  • Smudge some final details into water on top of umbrella
  • Add splashes where water hits the ground


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