How To Use Gimp For Beginners Lesson 6 – Layer Modes

Written by Alex on April 9, 2012

Gimp for Beginners Series

Lessons Shown in this Tutorial

  • How to use Gimp to convert color to black and white (selective Colorization):
    • This is the lesson that I talked about in the gimp video tutorial above when I mentioned selective colorization.
  • How To Use Gimp To Make A Zombie
    • This Gimp tutorial will teach you how to use Gimp to make a photo of a person look like a zombie.
  • How To Make The Girl Cold and Scary Using Gimp.
    • A lot of this gimp tutorial focuses on using layer modes to modify eyes.
  • Photo Touch Up Using Gimp 101.
    • This Gimp tutorial talks about how layer modes can be used in a more practical fashion to enhance your images.

This tutorial was made using Gimp 2.6. If you are running a different version some functions and methods, although slight, may be different. I recommend using the newest version of Gimp.


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