Layer Masks Explained – Lesson 5 – How To Use Gimp For Beginners

Written by Alex on January 22, 2012

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Gimp for Beginners Series

Lessons Shown in this Tutorial

This tutorial was made using Gimp 2.6. If you are running a different version some functions and methods, although slight, may be different. I recommend using the newest version of Gimp.


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I teach people how to edit photos using Gimp. In addition, I provide photo-editing courses, as well as eBooks on how to become a better editor. I am a father, husband, blogger, designer, and beer fanatic.

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7 thoughts on “Layer Masks Explained – Lesson 5 – How To Use Gimp For Beginners”

  1. Bob Mrotek says:

    Great lesson, Alex.

    Thanks mucho!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot!!! Clear and useful lesson!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Alex, for this clear tutorial. I just found it to the right time. I’m a 73 year old student at UBCO and take classes in new media. At school I have to work on a Mac/PhotoShop computer and at home I have a self assembled desktop running LinuxMint/GIMP…
    Now I’m challenged to learn two systems at the same time and
    have to find out what works where how…!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Alex, this is, with out doubt for me, one of the best explanations so far, I’m now going to the zombie tutorial for the hair thing.. OMG I spent hours trying to do that with the lasso tool only to have it all look so tragically wrong. :)


  5. impressive m8! this is the best straight forward gimp tutorial that I’ve came across. keep up the good work…

  6. Will says:

    Two weeks of frustration and cussing right down the drain lol. THANK YOU

  7. Groupdmt says:

    Nice tutorial ..I found very good and I would like to congratulate you for your work
    image masking service

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